See Your Interior in Its Best Light! An Increasing Demand for Statement Floor Lamps

The Lamp Factory, London has reported a large upturn in the demand for bespoke floor lamps in the last eighteen months.  Both form and function stated as equal factors in the demand for Lamp Factory floor lamps, echoed by the increasing UK design trend for functional, statement floor lamp lighting.

Floor lamps are one of the most straightforward, adaptable ways to add extra light to an interior. They can be positioned practically anywhere in a room and simply moved around. Central to their practical benefits is the ability to serve as task lighting, when close to sofas, chairs or beds.

Bamboo Floor Lamp
Elegance Floor Lamp
Swing Arm Floor Lamp

Russell Sidney, Managing Director, The Lamp Factory, London, comments;

‘’It’s great to receive so much interest in our floor lamps, interior designers and home owners want the best quality materials and craftsmanship.  We’ve noticed an increase in demand for task lighting, specifically with floor lamps. We’re happy to develop bespoke lamps to suit the needs of the individual. Small additions such as repositionable arms and shades, rise and fall necks to increase or decrease height accordingly or intricate finial switches positioned to ease use, all help to create a lamp tailored to a specific need.’’

In addition to the practical benefits of floor lamps is the aesthetic appeal and impact a floor lamp can have on an interior space. Whether a stunning arc floor lamp with a large span ranging over a sofa or a beautiful ornate metal like the Divine floor lamp with wonderful spiralling leaf design and hammered base detailing, a floor lamp can provide a real design statement. 

“We especially enjoy working on large statement floor lamps, the kind of lamp that when you walk in a room, immediately grabs your attention!”

Bespoke lamps

The Lamp Factory are makers of fine quality lighting and specialists in antique lighting restoration and lamp conversions, creating bespoke, decorative, statement lamps hand-made in London. The Lamp Factory range of lighting offers traditional designs as well as new and exciting ideas, consisting of table lamps, wall lights, ceiling lamps, and floor lamps. Within these ranges a selection of stunning metal designs can be found, all lovingly produced by skilled British craftsmen.

The Lamp Factory is a hive of activity with four dedicated workshops; a brass machining workshop, a woodwork shop, metal finishing workshop, and an electrical wiring workshop, with 15 highly skilled craftsmen producing lamps of the upmost quality. Central to the success of the business is their problem-solving skills. The Lamp Factory are regularly asked for custom designs incorporating a range of materials, from the simplest of briefs, often from a basic sketch.

In addition to the range of wall, floor, table and ceiling lamps, the Lamp Factory, London undertakes restorations and conversion work, and are used to the high demands in quality of work this entails. Russell and his team have converted a range of wonderful items into fully working lamps, from buffalo horns to vintage oil cans, and commemorative champagne bottles.  The Lamp Factory’s restoration work involves working with beautiful materials like marble and glass where care and attention to detail are the utmost concern.

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