Architectural wall lamps

Architectural wall lamps remain contemporary and on-trend in terms of both style and function. When it comes to displaying art, for example, the appropriate lighting may make all the difference.

Architectural wall lights can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing a reading light in the bedroom, illuminating a desktop without taking up important office space, lighting up kitchen worktops, and highlighting beautiful artwork and architectural features in the living room.


All of our wall lamps at The Lamp Factory are available in classic, contemporary, and slimline styles, in brass or copper, single or double, and are excellent for prestigious settings.

Architectural wall lamps for distinguished interiors


Light design is a crucial part of any home or commercial environment, and it should not be overemphasised. When it comes to lighting design, architectural wall lights can be seen as an afterthought in a project where the lighting once the furnishings are in place. However, for lighting to really make an impact on an interior, we recommend to consider designing lamps and lighting schemes at an early project stage.

Wall lights provide ambient uplighting that complements the architectural features of the area by emphasising aspects such as windows, beams, and other distinguishing characteristics.

Wall lights can save space in a room that lacks the appropriate amount of space, while illuminating your favourite artwork.

We provide high-quality wall lights in a range of styles and finishes, such as brass, copper, and single and double lamps. We have a talented team on hand to help you design the perfect lamp.

Architectural wall lamps

On-trend: picture lamps


Picture lights have made a big resurgence in recent years and that is partly due to a big interior design trend that has swept the industry – art that is big and bold. Everywhere.

Yes, to a large painting above the bed in the bedroom. Yes, to a magnificent work of brightly coloured art taking centre stage in the living room and dining area. We will see more spaces that have personality.

And of course, fantastic art pieces need to be beautifully lit. Here at The Lamp Factory, we offer a range of picture light options. The Avaline, Bancroft, Brompton and the traditional picture light can come in a variety of sizes and textures.

Another popular interior design concept is a return to tradition. Meaning English roll arm couches, stunning brass fittings, simple dining tables based on old designs, and historical pieces.

Bespoke picture lights are great for this aesthetic trend as they provide a stylish touch to any room. Often used to bring attention to fine art or just to provide ambient lighting in home libraries and reading spaces. How very British of you.

The Lamp Factory London’s Picture Lights are all made of solid brass or copper and come in a variety of finishes including antique brass, old English antique, brushed copper, polished nickel, and more. This means you have the sheer quality of a solid lamp light, with a variety of finishes to compliment your interior project.

Architectural wall lamps
Architectural wall lamps
Architectural wall lamps

Architectural wall lamps- Buyer’s guide


Wall lights may not be at the forefront of people’s minds when buying lighting, often people will ask us-


Will these wall lights give adequate illumination or are they only decorative?


Of course, it is important to be aesthetically pleasing but lighting is also there to provide a service, that being to light up a space.


What options in wall lighting are there?


Choosing the right wall light for your space is important, but it is thankfully not a tough option because there is a basic selection that is appropriate.

– Picture lighting is to attract attention

– Uplights provide accent lighting as well as great for setting the mood

– Downlights shine downward and create a uniform distribution of light

Reading lights, which are typically equipped with an adjustable component such as a swing arm

Vanity Wall lights for the bathroom that need to have an IP rating


And remember It is important to consider the amount of light from various sources, including natural light, while deciding on the type, positioning, and number of wall lights.


Where should I use wall lighting?


Wall lamps can be used both inside and outside.

Ceiling and wall lights complement each other beautifully. Ceiling lights provide basic lighting, but wall lights may help set the mood and ambience, which is great for the dining room, which may be used for a variety of purposes.

Architectural features are best illuminated with wall lamps, and artwork with picture lights, as these are the greatest kind of lighting for highlighting points of interest.


How many wall lights are recommended?


This will vary depending on the room and its purpose. It is advisable not to hang a wall light at eye level because this will most likely be a hindrance. Mounting lights around six feet from the floor can be used as a basic guide, but this depends on the height of your room as well as the individuals themselves.

Wall lamps work well in stairwells and corridors, but too many can be distracting; assess the space before starting. The lighting should be kept low-key in order to avoid being too harsh on the eyes.

The Lamp Factory can provide assistance and advise on proper wall light mounting as well as other technical information.

Adding wall lights down a particularly dark corridor could not only illuminate your route but also save space. Wall lights are also a terrific accent beside your vanity mirror in the bathroom for purpose and aesthetic while saving space. All our bathroom lamps are handcrafted and have the appropriate IP rating.

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Our handcrafted wall lights add elegance and sophistication to any high-end environment and have been requested on many residential and commercial projects.

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