Bespoke table lamps for distinguished interiors

Designing and specifying bespoke table lamps for luxury interiors is an important process to create the right atmosphere for the internal space. When it comes to interior lighting design, it’s all about matching the lighting design and functionality to the space’s requirements.

The Lamp Factory London specialises in creating bespoke table lamps for any distinguished setting.

Thanks to our hands-on approach and specialised design service, we can assist you with every step of the specification process, from early design idea phases to on-site delivery.

Bespoke table lamps – choosing the right one


Table lamps have remained a popular choice for both practical and mood lighting, and a well-chosen bespoke table lamp can help to tie an entire room together.

First and foremost, the purpose of the table lamp must be determined. Is it intended for a specific purpose, such as in an office environment where the table lamp will be used for a specific task? It might then be preferable to seek out a lamp with adjustable features.

The Brooke Reflector Lamp has seen a return in popularity. This bespoke table Lamp is a standout model in our table lamp collection, mixing a contemporary desk lamp design with traditional, historical materials.

In a more high-end hotel environment, a table lamp may not be there to serve a purpose, but rather for aesthetic value. Do you want to make your hotel a home away from home setting?

In recent months, statement table lamps have also been regarded as a major trend for commercial settings. It’s almost like an art piece in and of itself, and the desire for a one-of-a-kind design is frequently the driving force behind a commission for a luxury hotel or restaurant.

bespoke table lamps in hotel interiors

Take your lighting to task!


Although function should take precedence in your lamp selection, aesthetics should not be overlooked. It is critical that the size of the light be appropriate for the location and table on which it is resting. When selecting the right shade for your light, the proportion is also important.

If you have noticed a table lamp in our collection but wanted it in a different size. We can make your light to your exact specifications required.

You can also achieve good lighting and aesthetic results by carefully selecting and positioning the lamp of choice. Placing your lamp on one side of your desk, for example, can affect glare and shadows.

Lighting for high-end hotel interiors


It’s all about grandeur and going above and beyond for distinguished hotel decor. It’s important to strike a balance between form and function, but indulgence is also important. Luxury lighting is essential for establishing the proper ambience in your room, and layering the light is the key to doing so.

When it comes to the three basic lighting options, ambient, task, and accent lighting, there are a few things to keep in mind. When it comes to lighting your high-end interior, task lighting is crucial. A table light can supply both this and the appropriate aesthetic.

The Wentworth table lamp, with a tiered base and columned stem for a dramatic yet classic design, is made of solid brass with an Antique Brass finish.

We collaborate closely with interior designers and provide lighting designs to some of the world’s most prestigious hotels and interiors.

bespoke table lamps in a luxury bedroom

Bespoke lamps London


Following a twenty-five-year career producing high-quality lamps for a leading manufacturer, Managing Director Russell Sidney began creating beautiful bespoke lamps in his back yard in 2008. Years later, the business is thriving.

Our handcrafted lamps exude beauty and sophistication due to the high quality of the materials used at The Lamp Factory London. Our workshops in Croydon are comprised of 18 highly skilled artisans working in five distinct workshops. We solve problems by designing statement pieces that offer our clients the solutions they require. Our bespoke table lamps meet the high standards that are expected when creating one-of-a-kind lamps.

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