Bathroom wall lights

Bathroom wall lights can transform the ambiance and style of a bathroom. There are many different designs of bathroom wall lights to complement a range of bathroom styles; contemporary, traditional, vintage, ultra-modern. Bathroom wall lights should be chosen based on the lighting required for the size and layout of the bathroom, and the amount of natural light that floods the room.

Bathroom wall lights
Bathroom wall lights

Bespoke bathroom wall lights


Choosing bespoke bathroom wall lights for your bathroom gives you carte blanche for designing bathroom wall lights that will most effectively enhance the space. At The Lamp Factory, London we create bespoke designs of bathroom wall lights to meet the needs of our customers. They are handcrafted with a range of styles and finishes such as brass, copper, bronze, nickel, and various antique finishes.

Bespoke bathroom wall lights are timeless. Not restricted to any specific trend, they look stunning in bathrooms for many years, and because of the quality of the materials and craftwork, they continue to look as striking as they did on the day they were made.

Luxury lamps for your bathroom


At The Lamp Factory, London we can make bespoke luxury lamps for your bathroom based on your own preferred designs. We also have some examples of our own bespoke designs that add elegance and style to any bathroom.

The solid brass Connaught bathroom light is available as a single or double unit. The high quality opal glass cylinder complements the distressed antique brass finish beautifully. This is a skilfully crafted, handmade classic luxury lamp for your bathroom that will continue to enrich the detail of your room for many years to come.

For a more eclectic style of luxury lamp for your bathroom, the Reflector wall light is inspired by art deco design. Handcrafted from solid brass, the Reflector features intricate rods of glass which form the shade. This creates stunning reflected light in the room. The Reflector is available in a range of finishes, with the ebonised finish proving to be particularly popular.

Bathroom wall lights

Key considerations for designing bathroom lighting


Choosing bathroom lighting is not just based on how the fixtures look, you also need to consider how the lighting will be used.

A bathroom benefits from task lighting for shaving and beauty routines, layered lighting for different times of day and dimmable lighting to create an oasis of calm. All of these aspects should be considered within your bathroom lighting design.

Before deciding on your bathroom lighting you should consider how much natural light comes into the room and the position of the window. This will affect the positioning of task lighting and how your lighting should be layered.

When choosing luxury lamps for your bathroom, it is important that you choose lamps that have the appropriate construction and finish to withstand steamy and wet conditions. Lighting fixtures must have the correct IP (Ingress Protection) rating which determines the extent to which the lighting fixture stops water from getting inside. For bathrooms, IP44 is recommended as a minimum.

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