Luxury lighting design plays an important role in creating the right ambience for internal environments. It is important to blend functionality with aesthetics, but importantly the lighting needs to fulfil a purpose or solve a problem.

Depending on whether you are designing a lighting scheme for a residential, commercial or hospitality interior, it will influence the types of lamps used.

One common theme for any lighting scheme is the specification of handmade lamps and the unique appeal this offers a lighting project. Material selection, design consideration and lighting functionality combine to enhance any interior space.

Designer lighting for an elegant appeal

The fundamentals of lighting design should be considered as early as possible in a project. Whether you are working from architectural drawings or conceptual ideas, the best way to integrate bespoke lighting into an interior is to work with the room layout.

Not necessarily all of an interior space needs to be well lit. Just key areas where there is regular activity or there are internal features that need to be highlighted or accentuated.

For example, in a drawing room or office where people work and productivity is key, it is important to design lamps for this purpose. This is task lighting and can include lighting such as table lamps for desks.

With a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes available, choosing the right table lamp that’s perfect for your space isn’t a straightforward task. When designing a bespoke table lamp, there are three important considerations – form, function, and size.

Regarding form, will the lamp be adding to the design style of the room or adding a subtle contrast of styles? Functionality-wise, will the lamp be used for a specific task such as reading, or will it be used as a statement piece to truly make a mark on an interior space. And finally size, will the size of the lamp be in proportion to the room or table it is placed upon?

luxury lighting designs in interiors

Using the right materials to create stunning designs

 Materials selection is critical when creating your bespoke luxury lighting design. Different materials serve different functions and have different appearances, textures and practicalities.

Brass has a multi-trend appeal. It can be used for contemporary, traditional or eclectic designs, and offers a timeless appeal that will look relevant in years to come.

Brass works beautifully in subtle detail in modern and contemporary interiors when combined with clean lines and a muted colour palette. Add brass lighting or furniture that pays homage to the raw industrial plumbing and fittings of the past for a modern industrial look.

Brass provides a modern take on metal, with warmer tones of brushed and polished options. The high shine or matt finishes complement natural materials such as wood or alabaster for a sophisticated effect.

To enhance the solid brass lamp structures, there is a range of exquisite finishes available. Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Copper, Ebonised, Faux Antique Gilt, Old English Antique, Polished Nickel, and Rubbed Bronze are just a few of the sophisticated finishes available on our beautiful selection of unique hand-made lamps.

We create luxury hand-made lamps for interiors of distinction

 Here at The Lamp Factory, we create our hand-made lamps for interiors of distinction in our factory in Croydon, South London,

We specialise in custom lighting design and can assist you at any stage of the process. We’ll create custom lighting to add flair and elegance to your interior space, utilising any material and design, and into any type of setting.

The Lamp Factory London comprises of 18 highly talented artisans working in five distinct workshops. We create statement pieces that deliver the requirements our clients want.

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