Statement lighting

Statement lighting is a game-changer in interior design. Statement lighting refers to a light fixture or accessory that stands out in a room. Usually the centrepiece, statement lighting is often big and bold but it can also be subtle, and always eye-catching and unique. Why is it called ‘statement lighting’? Because it says much about you, the kind of person you are and what makes you tick.

Over the years what constitutes statement lighting has been fairly fluid. Chandeliers, pendants, ceiling lighting, floor lamps, uplighting and downlighting in a range of designs and finishes, have all been used as statement pieces to create an immediate impact upon entering a room.

Statement lighting for your project


At The Lamp Factory, London, we are approached by customers with all manner of statement lighting requirements. We create bespoke statement lighting that enhances any interior. Whether your project is based on contemporary design or something more traditional, statement lighting will provide that element of grandeur and sophistication.

Floor lamps immediately draw the eye. Bespoke statement lighting pieces such as the Cadogen floor lamp with metal shade and the Bamboo floor lamp are very different stylistically from each other, but both are unique and bring opulence and elegance to any room. Many of our floor lamps are available in a range of finishes including brass, antique, bronze and nickel, as well as gold and chrome plated.

Statement wall lamps add character and flair. Our bespoke wall lamps are created from innovative designs that vary from contemporary to traditional to undefinably unique! The Handle wall light is an example of a statement piece that is subtle but has a high impact, whereas the Kilburn wall light is a bold statement lighting piece and talking point for social gatherings.

Bespoke table lamps are ideal statement pieces because they can be easily repositioned to create different effects. The stunning Florence table lamp is highly distinctive with its antique copper spun shade, and the Conrad table lamp is what statement lighting is all about with its stitched leatherneck, and shade with a cast brass finish.

Statement lighting

Bespoke lighting design


Bespoke lighting design allows for the creation of truly unique statement lighting. At The Lamp Factory, London we create bespoke statement lighting designs for brand new lamps and also convert various household items into lamps. Some examples of items we have worked with are champagne bottles, vintage oil cans and buffalo horns.

Across our five dedicated workshops we have highly skilled artisans who use their bespoke lighting design flair and many years of experience to create stunning statement pieces of the highest quality. Some designs are more straightforward than others and we often have to draw on our problem solving skills to create the desired results.

Luxury lighting that inspires


Current design trends are influenced by traditional styles of lighting. We find that antique lighting restorations create luxury lighting that inspires. The demand for luxury lighting often leads designers down the antique lighting restoration route, and we’re always happy to oblige. Working on beautiful pieces that deserve a second life is both enjoyable and rewarding.

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