Bespoke lamp design

Bespoke lamp design enables interior designers to create concepts and design schemes that accentuate features and the functionality of a room.

Whether it’s a bespoke wall lamp, a bespoke floor lamp or a bespoke table lamp, or a layered combination of lighting, a designer will use bespoke lamp design to create the aesthetics and mood they envisioned in their designs.

Bespoke lamp design from The Lamp Factory


The Lamp Factory produce bespoke statement lamps that are handmade in South London. Our range of bespoke ceiling, floor and table lamps includes traditional and contemporary designs.

We have five workshops dedicated to innovative design and the highest quality artisanship. Many of our bespoke lamp designs are created to meet a specific, customised client brief of colour, materials and structure. These are often presented to us as a basic sketch from which we use our problem-solving skills to create a design that meets the brief.

Traditional antique lighting continues to trend in bespoke lamp design. The Lamp Factory are specialists in antique lighting restoration.

Bespoke lamp design

Bespoke wall lamps


Bespoke wall lamps are used to create atmosphere or accentuate a particular feature of a room. There is no bespoke wall lamp design too traditional or modern, or flamboyant or plain. Bespoke wall lamps are handmade in a range of styles and finishes. Brass and copper are always popular finishes, and there is a choice of single or double configurations.

When adding stylish and sophisticated finishing touches to high-end interiors, bespoke wall lamps always provide the detail that interior designers are looking for.

Bespoke wall lamps can be picture lights, swing arm wall lights, reading wall lights, spot bars, cylinder lights and standard wall lamps of varying materials and designs.

Bespoke floor lamps


Bespoke floor lamps are often required to provide layered lighting in a particular area of a room or for task lighting for activities such as reading.

Handcrafted bespoke floor lamps are made in a variety of materials such as brass, copper, steel, wood or a unique combination of materials.

Bespoke floor lamps can be designed for traditional elegance or contemporary eccentricity, and anything in between. They tend to catch the eye when first walking into a room as they stand out from furniture and other furnishings.

Bespoke table lamps


Bespoke table lamps bring a sense of calm to bedrooms, enhance sitting rooms and dining rooms and provide subtle lighting in halls and landings. Customised to complement the rest of the furnishings in the room, bespoke table lamps can be made in a range of designs and finishes to create the desired accent lighting.

Popular finishes of bespoke table lamps are brass or copper, but other wooden and metal materials can be used to create a truly unique piece.

Bespoke table lamps are designed for a particular function, whether that is task lighting such as office table lamps, or traditional bespoke table lamps for layered lighting.

Bespoke lamp design
Bespoke lamp design
Bespoke lamp design

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