Bespoke lighting London

Bespoke lighting in London has become symbolic of high-end interiors where unique innovative lighting creations are displayed in stunning design-led rooms.

London homeowners are increasingly discerning in their choice of interior design. They’re looking for unique furnishings and décor that set their homes apart from others. Bespoke lighting in London is one way to achieve exclusive style and sophistication.

The Lamp Factory London produce luxury, handmade bespoke lighting at its South London factory. Innovation and artisanship combine to produce lamps that are customised and handcrafted to individual specifications.

Bespoke lighting London
Bespoke lighting London

Bespoke lamp design

Bespoke lamp design at The Lamp Factory London involves the creation of handcrafted, innovative bespoke statement lamps. These include bespoke table lamps, bespoke floor lamps, bespoke wall lamps and bespoke ceiling lamps.

Each specification includes the design of the shape of the lamp as well as its materials and finishes. There may be a requirement for a combination of wall, table, floor and ceiling lamps for the same room in a cohesive design to create layered lighting.

Typical materials that are used in bespoke lamp design are brass and copper, but more unique concepts use a range of woods and metals. The Lamp Factory London factory consists of four workshops: brass machining, metal finishing, woodwork and electrical wiring. We have all the resources and skill we need to design and produce stunning bespoke lamps for high-end homes across London.

Antique lighting restorations

Antique lighting continues to trend in interior design. Ornate, elegant lighting pieces are still popular in luxury homes and generally preferred over contemporary lighting of industrial, stripped back design.

The Lamp Factory London are specialists in antique lighting restorations. We have seen a significant increase in the demand for antique lighting restorations. The ‘pre-loved’ trend in fashion and interiors plays its part in this resurgence, particularly as it engages people from all age groups. Beautifully designed original lamps bring decadence and historical flair to high-end residences intent on creating an impact as soon as a visitor enters the door.

Sensitive restoration work is carried out in a dedicated workshop. Our skilled artisans, many of which have worked for The Lamp Factory London for many years, understand period lighting and work tirelessly to restore antique lighting to its former grandeur.

Lamp conversions

Amidst a national trend in upcycling, lamp conversions have become very popular for The Lamp Factory London. More people are finding conversion potential in scrap items that would otherwise be thrown away.

A wide range of interesting items have been converted into fully operational lamps at our dedicated workshop in London. We use our problem skills to come up with innovative ways to convert items such as buffalo horns, vintage oil cans and commemorative champagne bottles into stunning lamps that become the topic of conversation at dinner parties. We add materials such as marble and glass to the designs to enhance their value and impact.

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Bespoke lighting London
Bespoke lighting London
Bespoke lighting London