Internal lighting design is vital to creating the right atmosphere. It is important to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics while serving a purpose or solving a problem.

The Lamp Factory are lighting designers based in London. We speak with a wide range of clients on a regular basis, including interior designers, hotel specifiers, and homeowners looking for bespoke pieces for their commercial or residential space, or who have spotted one of our lamps in our existing collections and requested a minor change, such as a design tweak or a material change. All of this is made possible by our highly skilled artisans.

Designing the right bespoke light

There are three basic types of lighting-

Ambient lighting is intended to light up a room in its entirety

Task lighting gives sufficient illumination to assist you in doing daily duties

Accent lighting is designed to highlight a particular feature or object in a room


With so many various types, shapes, and sizes to decide from, it may be tough to find the perfect design for your home. We can assist with this, or if you have a specific idea you want to bring to life, we are frequently asked for custom designs incorporating a variety of materials, from the simplest of briefs, often from a basic sketch.

At The Lamp Factory, we specialise in this, and our talented artisans are masters at bringing your visions and ideas to life and designing amazing bespoke lamp designs. We can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind table, wall, or floor lamp.

Three aspects must be addressed while developing a one-of-a-kind table lamp: shape, size, and function.

Lighting designers, London. kitchen area

Creating lighting designs of distinction

We create bespoke lamps of the highest quality in our factory in Croydon, South London, using five dedicated workshops: a brass machining workshop, a woodwork shop, a metal finishing workshop, and an electrical wiring workshop.

From the simplest of briefs, often from a basic drawing, we are frequently asked for custom designs integrating a variety of materials.

The Lamp Factory London’s Director, Russell Sidney, explains,



“We love working with clients and their requirements come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Our clients often know what they want for their interior and have specific requirements, or they are looking for guidance and inspiration from us.

Our ability to create bespoke lighting – whether it’s a floor, wall, table, or ceiling lamp, really sets us apart from other lighting suppliers who have a fixed collection. We make sure the lamp that our clients get really suits their requirements and we take a lot of time to go through material selection and product designs.”

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