Bespoke wall lamps

A timeless lighting trend has always been the wall light, and a bespoke wall lamp can be a classic touch to any interior. 2021 has seen wall lamps become a key trend in the home as well as in a commercial space. Bespoke wall lamps are ideal for ambient illumination as they can reach areas that many ceiling lights cannot reach. A bespoke wall lamp is also perfect for task lighting, such as lighting your favourite painting and can provide intimate layering in a room to produce a cosy and relaxing experience for those darker months.

What are the benefits of bespoke wall lamps?


When you think of a bespoke wall lamp you may think of a decadent hall or mansion providing little to no light, meaning no use, but this isn’t the case. Lighting needs to come from many different sources not just from your basic overhead lighting, and wall lamps can provide the perfect light for any interior. Wall lighting provides depth and layers in a room as well is ideal for lighting artwork or architectural features and in smaller rooms can save space that floor and table lamps may take up. Handmade wall lamps can provide a decorative feature themselves combining aesthetic pleasure and functionality while producing the perfect ambience in your interiors.

bespoke wall lamps

Current trends and unique wall lighting designs


Industrial lighting has been a big trend in 2021 celebrating the simplicity and resilient appearance of old industrial spaces. Industrial wall lighting has fast become a preferred design in luxury homes and commercial spaces creating a dramatic mood using quality and sturdy materials such as brass. Industrial lighting can also provide that edgy look with exposed bulbs, metal shades and cages.

There has also been a high investment in artwork and with that, in lighting as well. With the dark months drawing in and spending more time at home as well as now a lot of us are choosing to work from home it has been vital to make our homes an inspirational place to be. Lighting a room with several light sources such as bespoke wall lamps can help give the room warmth while separating areas into a comfortable workspace and a tranquil area for those winter months.

Biophilic design in interiors has also been a major trend for this year. This trend is all about bringing the outside, in, helping to bring emotional wellbeing by having a close connection with nature. This can also be transferred into your lighting. Bespoke wall lamps made from raw materials like metals can project layered lighting adding the perfect partnership with your biophilic design.

bespoke wall lam industrial

Luxury picture lighting


Artwork can be better displayed when lit by a picture light. Here at The Lamp Factory, we provide the highest quality lighting which is all handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen which add style and panache to any high-end interior. The Avaline picture light is handcrafted with an antique brass finish with an intricate ball-and-socket joint to allow multidirectional movement providing elegance with functionality. The Bancroft is a high-quality picture light with a bold brass finish providing a dimmable warm LED light helping to set the right atmosphere. The Brompton Hammered picture light provides excellent light for reading and artwork. Made from brass the Brompton is beautifully offset by the intricate hammered textured finish. Highly functional and unassuming and handcrafted in an antique brass finish, the Traditional Picture Light features an adjustable lip reflector to carefully control the lighting projection.

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