Effective lighting design in interior spaces where we live and work is essential for wellbeing and productivity. Functionality has to accompany aesthetics in lighting design, to create the right ambience for internal environments.

There is an increasing pressure and responsibility to be more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient, which needs to be reflected in the choices and designs of lights. Here at The Lamp Factory London, we are able to closely guide our clients through the specification process. From initial concept design through to manufacture and delivery to site, we take care of the whole lighting specification process for inspirational lighting.

Designing Lighting In The Specification Process

It is crucial that the lighting design fulfils a purpose or solves a problem within an interior space. What type of interior are you designing for? Commercial? Hospitality? Residential? We are often asked by Interior Designers, Specifiers, Architects and other design professionals, how to design the perfect lighting solution for their client’s project. They have beautiful conceptual designs that detail every aspect of an interior, from the flooring to the wall cladding to all of the furnishing which accentuate the décor.

Lighting is a product that is often hard to specify. We get asked questions like ‘How do I light various zones in an internal space?’ or ‘What types of lamps do I need and where do they go in a room?’

We always advise that lighting should enhance the character and practicalities or any interior space. Not necessarily all of an interior space needs to be well lit, just key areas where there is regular activity or where simply lighting is essential.

If an area contains desks or workstations where people work and productivity is key, it is important to design lamps for this purpose. This is task lighting, and can include lighting such as table lamps for desks.

If you are designing lighting to highlight a particular zone or element, for example a mirror or art piece, then a lamp should be designed for accent lighting purposes. We generally recommend a design that focuses around the element in question and has the correct bulb(s) for concentrated luminance distribution that is fit for its intended purpose.

Finally, with sustainability an important factor in a lot of build projects nowadays, it is imperative to use the right lamp fittings and bulbs. Light fittings must conform to the minimum efficiency requirements of UK Building Regulations. They should be high efficiency with a minimum rated life of 20,000 hours, or 35,000 to 50,000 hours in restricted access areas e.g. high ceilings.

Lighting specification side view

Hand-Made Lamps For Interiors Of Distinction

With five dedicated workshops and fifteen highly skilled craftsmen, The Lamp Factory London is your perfect project partner for your lighting specification. We will ensure every beautifully designed lamp is aesthetically right and conforms with UK Building Regulations and specification requirements.

Often, our clients send us a basic sketch or interior render, where we are able to then design and conceptualise beautiful, bespoke lighting options.

The Lamp Factory London works closely with every client and offers design ideas, technical information and product advice. Our focus is on building relationships with clients. Any material, any design, in any interior, we will endeavour to create bespoke lamps to wow you and add style and sophistication to your interior space.

Our range of bespoke table lamps, bespoke wall lamps and bespoke floor lamps can be found in many hospitality, commercial and residential interiors in London, Barcelona, Milan, New York, Madrid, Paris, Stockholm and other beautiful locations.

If you are currently working on a high-end hospitality, residential or commercial project and would like to discuss our range of bespoke table lamps, please telephone us on 0208 683 0721 or contact us.

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